"It's about people.  Everything is about people.  Patchwork does great work because we have great people"

Ben Fields - Principal, Patchwork Films




We always have a camera in our hand; why not use it?  With all the wonderful places we find ourselves filming it's hard not to snap off a few still images.  Check out our stills archive here.


We specialize in crafting television commercials with a heightened level of nuance and artistry.  Creating beautiful images before the lens is our passion; telling stories is our craft.  Evoking emotion is our guilty pleasure.


The edit bay always has the final say on how the story gets told.  That's why our edit bays at Patchwork Films are sacred places.  They're a haven for creativity.  A place of intense focus.  Our clients love to sit-in on edit sessions and help us tell their stories. (Or maybe they just love our kegerator of draft beer in the lobby.)